Service Contract


We accept inquiries for events, weddings, and other specialized reasons. We suggest contacting us as early as possible for planning purposes. Once decided to book with Mauve Flower Studio after the estimate, Mauve Flower Studio will work with you to meet the most valuable floral experience within a reasonable price range. 


Dates are booked on a first come, first served basis. You can secure the booked date with a Reservation Payment (40% of total estimated cost). The reservation payment is refundable until 5 business days prior to the delivery date. After 5 days prior to the delivery date, reservation payments will no longer be refundable. 

Exclusivity Clause 

It is understood that Mauve Flower Studio will act as the exclusive florist for your event. By signing the quotation, the Client agrees that no other person or company shall provide floral products for the Client’s event location or reception without the prior consent of Mauve Flower Studio. This clause is to protect the image of Mauve Flower Studio from assumptions that may occur by the event’s attendees, local or remote. If other flower products are to be sourced by a different florist or flower company, the Client is responsible to notify and receive consent from Mauve Flower Studio before estimates are received by a different florist or flower company. 


All payments are non-refundable after seven (7) days once lendered. Clients shall pay any attorneys’ fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent accounts. All types of payments are due to Mauve Flower Studio within seven (7) days. Note that planning, design services, and coordination shall cease until any balances that are more than seven (7) dates past due is paid in full. After any payment is seven (7) days past due, Mauve Flower Studio shall be entitled to terminate the Client’s contracted agreement immediately, and shall retain the Reservation payments and any payments already tendered. If an agreement is made less than seven (7) days, payments are due in full upon the signing of the agreement and all payments shall be non-refundable. 

Processing Fee 

Mauve Flower Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard and BCCard for payments towards our services. All credit card payments must be done in Mauve Flower Studio’s studio. No onljine option for credit card payment is available. Credit card payment fee is 4%. Cash and check payments will not require additional fees. Payment options can be discussed with Mauve Flower Studio. 

Product Agreement 

Mauve Flower Studio uses the best products for the Client and the Client’s needs. Each item is carefully inspected to ensure quality. If a product is damaged or does not meet expectations of the Client, the Client is responsible for notifying and showing Mauve Flower Studio immediately upon delivery, in order to receive refund of that floral piece. Mauve Flower will review the case, make a decision with full consideration on what will be refunded, and notify the Client with the decision. Note that fresh flowers are subject to wilting and showing negative effects due to mishandling, water replenishment, and temperature. 


Mauve Flower Studio reserves the right to make substitutions depending on availability of flowers and quality of flowers received, to ensure quality suitable for the Client’s events. If substitutions are made, the color scheme will be maintained and flowers with equivalent value will be used. Mauve Flower Studio uses the best products for the Client and the Client’s needs. If substitutions are made before the event date, Mauve Flower Studio will notify with the substitution decisions to the Client to mitigate confusion. 

Artistic Agreement 

By commissioning Mauve Flower Studio to design and create floral products, the Client is entrusting the florist and representative of Mauve Flower Studio to utilize Mauve Flower Studio’s design skills and capabilities provided during consultations, portfolios, and other events. The Client is entrusting Mauve Flower Studio to choose all floral varieties, color schemes, and textures that will best showcase the ideas for the event. The Client is in agreement of allowing Mauve Flower Studio full Artistic License to create and provide flower products to the event.

Cancellation of Services 

If the Client decide to cancel services provided by Mauve Flower Studio, an official notice of termination of the agreement due to cancellation must be given to Mauve Flower Studio in writing. By submitting the official notice of termination of the agreement due to cancellation, the Client shall agree with the application of following terms: 1) Mauve Flower Studio shall be entitled to retain the non-refundable, non-transferable Reservation Fee identified in the Service Contract, as well as any other payments made by the Client prior to Mauve Flower Studio’s receipt of the notice of termination. If the notice of termination is received by Mauve Flower Studio less than 5 business days prior to the event date, the Client is responsible for fifty percent (50%) of the remaining balances of the due payments as cancellation fees. If the notice of termination is received by Mauve Flower Studio less than 2 business days prior to the event date, the Client is responsible for one-hundred percent (100%) of the remaining balance of the due payments as cancellation fees. All cancellation fees are due within 5 days of Mauve Flower Studio’s receipt of the written notice of termination. Cancellation fees represent the loss suffered by Mauve Flower Studio due to the cancellation of services already rendered by Mauve Flower Studio, and not intended to be a penalty for the Client. 


A 4% fee will be charged for Credit card payments. Mauve Flower Studio charges a design fee. The design fee covers designs, time, meetings, shopping, planning, correspondence, site visits, staff for work, and vehicle usage. Design fees are included in the final cost. Delivery fee is based on distance, time, and type of vehicle required. 

Customer Provided Items 

Mauve Flower Studio holds any required items for the Client until the required time. Any items that Mauve Flower Studio comes into contact with or will be supplying must be mutually agreed upon to ensure no confusion on event day. The Client is responsible from the receiving of floral product to the removal of items from the event venue. Mauve Flower Studio will not be responsible for items left at the venue after the resolution of the event. Mauve Flower Studio assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost items at or after the event. All items are provided ready to use. If an agreement of services between the Client and Mauve Flower Studio is reached in the form of email, the mentioned agreement will supersede the contractual agreement. 

Handling of Services 

Mauve Flower Studio will provide the best floral products possible for the Client’s event. The floral products provided are made with fresh live flowers that are delicate, requiring water and fragile. The Client is responsible to handle provided floral products with care. Mauve Flower Studio can provide handling suggestions of the floral products provided. Please consult Mauve Flower Studio for details. 


Mauve Flower Studio’s services will be limited for harsh weather events where Mauve Flower Studio decides is not suitable to provide services. Mauve Flower Studio do the best to provide services even at the harshest conditions, but weather can become an issue. Depending on the type of weather event, Mauve Flower Studio may alter plans previously agreed upon to mitigate weather damage. Mauve Flower Studio will use all tips, tricks and products to provide the best service possible, and notify the Client any upcoming weather issues that may occur, using the local government provided weather services. 

Model Release 

Mauve Flower Studio has the irrevocable right to use any and all photographs taken at the event by Mauve Flower Studio and/or other vendors, in all forms, media, and manners, without any restrictions for advertising, promotion, exhibition or any lawful purposes. The Client and Mauve Flower Studio agree that all photographs from either parties to be shared without consent if requested. Mauve Flower Studio may use the images created without additional consent from the Client to be used as samples of out work for other prospective clients in any form of image, including electronic format and posted in all different locations, including SNS and, educational purposes to inspire florists, prospective florists, and photographers, and institutional purposes, including published interviews and competitions. Mauve Flower Studio has the right to grant the use of such images to others, all compensation for use, and credit for the images used. The Client waives any right to inspect or approve the images used by Mauve Flower Studio in any form that it may be applied. This release is binding the Client and any others with and will have connections with the Client from herewith.